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About Us

Humble. Honest. Home cooked.


We met for the first time in a coffee shop. We connected that day, halfway between the city of Columbus, Ohio, and the mountains of southern West Virginia. After that encounter, our individual paths blended into a common exploration along life’s highway. Our first date evolved, not just into a love for each other, but also into a love for what we poured into our cups.

We continued to keep company from afar for many months. Those miles apart led us on a quest through different cities and quiet corners in a variety of coffee shops. With each meeting, we sought out the best coffee we could find. Like the road we often traveled, we drank it black, savored the notes, and found meaning in each sip. Our route was a long and winding one. Yet, during this time, two constants endured: the more moments we spent together and the more coffee we drank, the more enamored we became—with each other, with the steam and the serenity, the simplicity and the purity, and the burst of excitement and flavor that warmed our hearts and palates.

That lengthy highway we had roamed separately, at last, led us to southwest Virginia, where our relationship cultivated into a marriage—both to each other and to the dedication of roasting to the highest quality. We still pursue the road less traveled each day through the origins of our coffee—finding joy and beauty in each other’s presence and in every cup.

That’s why it’s not just a cup of coffee for us. It’s our journey. We’ve shared with you the sowing and the reaping of our love and bliss in this daily grind. Now, we invite you to pour a cup, open your heart and mind to life’s unending possibilities, and travel with us along the Open Road.

Chad and Jen Jones